X-Mouse Button Control 2.20.5 Crack + Download Full Version 2023

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X-Mouse Button Control 2.20.5 Crack + Download Full Version 2023

X-Mouse Button Control 2.19.2 Crack + Download Full Free Version 2022

X-Mouse Button Control 2.20.5 Crack is a piece of software that lets you remap the buttons on your mouse. The program’s user interface is built on a conventional window that allows you to add, edit, copy, and delete the application or window profiles (on the left part of the screen). As a result, you may assign actions to up to five mouse buttons, as well as the wheel up and down and the tilt wheel left and right.” Alt+Tab,” “Activate Monitor Power Saving,” “Activate Screensaver,” “Browser Favorites,” “Browser Refresh,” “Change Movement to Scroll,” “Close,” “Copy,” “Cut,” “Disable,” and “Double Click” are some of the options. “Enter,” “Escape,” “Forward,” “Lock Workstation,” “Maximize Window,” “Media,” “Next Track,” “Open Control Panel,” “Open Explorer,” “Print Screen,” “Undo,” “Simulated Keystrokes,” and other functions may also be performed with a mouse button.

X-Mouse Button Control Crack allows debugging logging, disregards the NumLock state for “Simulated Keystrokes,” enables global keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys, and more under the “Settings” menu. The software consumes extremely few system resources. Unfortunately, there is no help file included, but learning how to use X-Mouse Button Control is simple. We would have liked the ability to launch a specific program by hitting a mouse button. In addition, the user interface might be improved. In addition, the layer may be reset at any time. You may change the mouse speed and deactivate the profile by switching on mouse movement. Aside from that, we haven’t seen any issues throughout our testing and heartily suggest this product to all users.

X-Mouse Button Control Crack + Latest Version 2023

X-Mouse Button Control Full Version is a Windows program that allows you to remap the buttons on your mouse. Copy, cut, and paste, volume control, media player control, send a custom keyboard sequence, start your email (or any other) application, capture screen (or current window) picture to clipboard, click-drag, and save and restore desktop icon locations are just some of the things this software can accomplish. We may reassign functionality to every single switch on our mouse thanks to X-Mouse Button Control. Copy, paste, close or open programs, start applications, zoom in or out, and map secrets are all things you can do. In a flash Furthermore, we could create and modify multiple profiles. We will be able to play games more effectively and use programs more fluidly as a result of this.

Your mouse most certainly contains a few buttons, if not a scroll wheel or two, but are you using the default settings, or can you start and stop Web sites, adjust the volume when you’re listening to music, or replicate any keystroke? With X-Mouse Button Control, you can. You may use this free energy to create customized profiles, known as Layers, each with its own set of unique mouse settings, and swiftly transition between them. As a consequence, you may change the behavior of your mouse for individual apps or Windows. Each profile can include up to 5′ layers of different important designs that you can move between using hotkeys or mouse clicks. This is useful for games that don’t come with an extended mouse, as you can map secrets to every button.

X-Mouse Button Control Crack Free Download 2023

Using X-Mouse Button Control Free Download can be intimidating at first since there are so many options, and the user interface, while nice and precise to look at, does not guide you through the full process of assigning them. The Windows program X-Mouse Button Control allows you to change the functions of the mouse’s buttons. Features of this program include the ability to copy, cut, and paste, adjust the volume, manage the media player, send a custom keystroke sequence, open your email client (or any other program), capture the current screen or active window to the clipboard with a click and drag, save and restore the positions of desktop icons, and more. You may precisely manage the action of each keystroke with the help of the X-Mouse Button Control software, which functions as a mouse button enhancer.

Key Features:

  • Launch any Windows software
  • Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Play/Pause/Stop/Volume/Mute
  • Copy active picture from screen to clipboard
  • Send us your simulated keystroke editing tips.
  • Buttons for changing and combining
  • Windows 10’s digital desktops
  • Management of the clipboard (copying, chopping, and pasting)
  • Handling of media (starting/stopping/adjusting volume/muting, etc.)
  • Make a screenshot and save it as an image in the current window or full screen.
  • Drag-and-drop [Resistant Buttons/Keys]
  • Flip3D in Vista, ModernUI/Metro in Windows 8, and Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 are just a few examples of the Windows-specific features that are supported.
  • You may tailor X-Mouse Button Control (XMBC) to each program and window.
  • For that reason, you can alter the way your mouse acts in specific programs or windows.
  • Each profile supports up to ten ‘layers’ of custom button combinations that can be toggled with shortcut keys or the mouse.
  • Use the simulated keystrokes editor to send any keys you choose.
  • Proceed to run a Windows program

X-Mouse Button Control Crack

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32/64-bit)
  • 2 GHz Intel Core 2 GB RAM 510 MB Hard
  • Free personal usage


  • Easy-to-use
  • Limitless customizability
  • Customize profiles for each app and window
  • Profiles are active
  • Customizes navigation
  • Advanced users with particular requirements
  • Multi-user support


  • No in-program help
  • Some commands are only available on certain OSs.
  • Complicated for non-experts
  • Control X-Mouse1/5

What’s New?

  • “The only match if there is no parent class” is not working properly.
  • The mouse wheel up/down remap does not operate as planned.
  • Slow setup screen.
  • Scroll (locked X-Axis) only scrolls right.
  • In Explorer, scrolling does not operate horizontally.
  • In this case, the left and right buttons are switched.

How to Install?

  • Download from the provided link.
  • X-Mouse Button Control Crack
  • Tap to run it.
  • Activate from keys.
  • Simple.
  • Enjoy.


Create an app and window detailed profiles with X-Mouse Button Control (XMBC) Crack, a truly useful program. Adjusting your mouse settings to suit the needs of one is possible. Each profile can include as many as five “layers” of customizable button assignments that can be toggled with the press of a key or the click of a mouse. The great thing about X-Mouse Button Control is that the profiles you make may be set to activate automatically when the mouse is moved over a specific window or app. It’s a handy tool for customizing mouse actions in specialized software and performing specialized tasks. This program works with many Windows versions and allows you to assign shortcuts to the mouse’s copy, cut, and paste buttons for easy implementation. The newest software release supports X-mouse button control.

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