KMSAuto Net 2018 V1.5.2 Windows Activator Portable Download

KMSAuto Net 2018 V1.5.2 Windows Activator Portable Download

KMSAuto Net 2018 V1.5.2 Windows Activator Portable Download

KMSAuto Net 2018 V1.5.2 Portable automatic KMS-activator for operating systems Windows VL editions: Vista, 7, 2016.KMSAuto professional Net 2017 or KMSAuto web 2017 Portable) is another electric provider from mikmik38 (including other activation modes). It had been released as you regarding the KMSAuto quantity of activators, coded by Ratiborus and Evgeny972 from Russia. With one-click in KMSAuto Net 2018 V1.5.2 Activator internet. For advanced users, it additionally provides other 4 activation modes: Hook, WinDivert, NoAuto, TAP (switch them to the tab that is the system, and more details, please refer to the ReadMe file.[custom_list icon=”arrow-right”]

KMSAuto Net 2018 V1.5.2 Download:

  • This has been developed for the permanent and activation that is valid of Microsoft Windows.
  • Designed and distributed by the software that is Russian also it very dependable for the activation.
  • It has four mechanisms that are various the activation of the Windows.
  • It has hugely users which can be easy while file size is also remarkably less.
  • KMSAuto Download has the success that is high for the activation.
  • It works well for the Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.
  • KMSAuto Net 2018 V1.5.2 Portable is also equally supported to the different versions of Windows Server 2008/2012 and 2016 editions.
  • Microsoft Office 2008/2010/2013/2016 are supported for the activation using its advanced level system.
  • It’s free out of each type or kind associated with virus and malware that infects by bonding with different activation tools.


  • Developed by the trusted developers making it secure.
  • File size is petite that produces it easily portable for use.
  • One just click activation that is quite fast with permanent activation
  • The program is developed for all users and very linear to take advantage of.
  • It has small development with the elegant and graphical user interface that is solid.
  • It is equally supportive of the every Windows and Office distribution.
  • More organized and well-developed setup of the scheduled program in the new version.
  • Free of every type of malware and viruses which can be life-threatening infects the computer.

What’s New?

  • MSActBackUp added to the increased utility.
  • New key for the Microsoft Office 2016 and Windows 10
  • Convert Microsoft Office 2016 from retail to VL version quickly.
  • There are specific updates in the product key of the activator.
  • Show or hide the updates regarding the Windows 10 now from within the program.
  • No more malicious code or computer software detection by Antivirus because of coding that is improved.
  • It has now random or IP that is dynamic with the extra help to Windows 10
  • The designer information and other information that is user accessible now from “about” page of the program.

System Requirements:

  • Ensure that you have.NET Framework 4.5
  • Have any version of Windows or Oce products.
  • VL editions: Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, Office 2010/2013/2016.
  • To run it should, it is critical to include the Le KMSSS.exe in your antivirus, to help you disengage your anti-virus during activation that it will likely be excluded from malicious content, or.

KMSAuto Net 2018:

  • Windows Vista Business/N/Enterprise/N
  • Windows 7 Professional/N/Enterprise/N
  • Windows 8 All Versions
  • Windows 8.1 All Models
  • Windows 10 Technical Preview All Variations
  • Office 2010/2013 /2016 All Designs
  • Windows Server 2008/Standard/Datacenter/Enterprise/2008R2
  • Windows Server 2012/Standard/Datacenter/2012R2 [/custom_list]

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