iTools Crack + Activation Key Free Download 2024

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iTools Crack + Activation Key Free Download 2024

iTools Crack Activation Keys Free Download 2021

iTools Crack is jam-packed with excellent features such as multiple file sharing, iOS 14 compatibilities, and iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max support. This is available for free download on any Mac or Windows device. To finish the installation procedure, simply download the iTools installer and follow the instructions. iTools is a utility for managing all of your iOS devices in the same manner as iTunes does, but it adds some new and intriguing capabilities while eliminating some of the Apple app’s more irritating functions.

iTools Crack is a data management center for photos, audio, and videos, among other things. The software is intended to provide cross-platform management of Windows PCs and Apple iOS devices. Because iTunes may be difficult to use, especially for the Microsoft community, iTools has taken its position. Install tools to effortlessly manage data and discover new features. Users may connect their iDevice with a USB cord once the free download has been installed. Users may access their media in the simple user interface’s left pane.

iTools Crack With License Key Download

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the app doesn’t need to be installed; simply start it and you’re done. Of course, you can also obtain a basic summary of your device and see how much space it has used up or freed. You can manage your photographs, music, and apps from the application’s different windows; quickly move them to your machine, delete them, and rename them. All of the information presented on iTools is identical to that of iTunes, but with the added benefit of simplicity that many users will appreciate.

With iTools Key, you can manage your iOS devices quickly and securely. Download the tool for Mac and reap the benefits. The “My Device” option provides customers with an overview of the technical aspects of their smartphone, tablet, and so on. This page has a plethora of information. The tool’s straightforward UI allows you to start using it right away. Unlike other free programs in the same category, iTools for Windows does not display intrusive advertisements. If you wish to control an Apple device from a Microsoft Windows PC, iTools is the best and most dependable platform.

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iTools Crack + Keygen Download [2024]

Appandora is another method for sharing data between devices. You may also use this simple software to download ringtones, wallpapers, and YouTube videos directly to your Apple device. Similarly, Macgo is a free iPhone Explorer that enables you to manage images, music, movies, and documents with ease. In other words, downloading tools does not affect your user experience and necessitates the installation of third-party programs for continued usage.

In contrast to the free solutions in this category, the dependable iPhone file organizer does not necessitate the installation of any third-party programs on your Windows PC or smartphone. This is now one of the most popular iOS device administration and troubleshooting apps. Whether you’ve misplaced your Apple device or want to better manage your information, downloading tools are a wonderful option. You may look over various alternatives to iTools before installing it on your Windows PC. While you may still use iTunes, Apple’s original program built and produced, it lacks some functionality.

iTools Activation Key is an application that allows you to manage all of your iOS devices like iTunes but with some useful extra capabilities and none of the bothersome ones. Connecting your iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad) to your computer is a prerequisite for utilizing the software. Once linked, the content can be managed in a way that’s intermediate between iTunes’s flexibility and Windows Explorer’s ease of use. Pictures, songs, and programs may all be transferred to your system and managed with ease, as well as deleted and renamed, from the various app windows.

iTools Features:

Particulars of the User Interface

  • The program’s initial interface, found under the Details tab, is reminiscent of that of iTunes.
  • Although iTunes is more cutting-edge and sophisticated, it is still lacking in certain key areas of information.
  • Type, Serial number, Jailbroken status, Region, Warranty details, Activated status, Memory details, and Battery life are all displayed here for your iPhone.
  • In addition, it gives you a WiFi button.


  • The phone’s application storage can be accessed and navigated through the device’s Applications interface.
  • Alerts about necessary updates can be viewed in the Update tab at the top of the tool windows.
  • There’s a separate window where you can access the files you’ve been given to upload and download.
  • Software such as media players, document readers, etc.

Leader in the media

  • Ringtones, Videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, TV Shows, Music, and Voice Memos are all displayed in the iPhone’s Media area.
  • You can transfer music and videos from your computer to your iPhone. Includes options to remove, play, and use as a ringtone.
  • This part also includes a playlist manager.

Images, chapters from iBooks, etc.

  • The Photos and iBooks sections of your Apple device provide easy access to and control over your device’s image and reading library, respectively.


  • A top-notch establishment, here.
  • The tool allows access to the iPhone’s Messages, Call Logs, and Contacts.
  • The app can also be used to send text messages from a desktop computer.
  • You can do so much more with contact management software.

Desktop administrator

  • You may rearrange app icons by dragging and dropping—the desktop version of iTunes.

Key Features:

  • iTools Keygen is a program that handles files, albums, and photographs.
  • It can also handle personal data like contacts and phone history.
  • It aids in the backup and restoration of devices.
  • Furthermore, it is available on all Apple devices.
  • It gives users access to all types of information and media.
  • It also handles the management of apps and their icons.
  • Aids in the editing of music and videos.
  • It also gives you access to iTunes.
  • It gives the media’s native resolution.
  • Make melodies out of a basic tune.
  • It is in charge of PCs and Apple gadgets.
  • It’s fantastic for music and videos.

iTools Crack

System Requirements:

  • Windows All Editions is the operating system.
  • Processor speed: 1.6 GHz.
  • RAM (memory): 1 GB
  • 512 MB HDD


  • The interface is simple and tidy
  • Complete device administration
  • Supports many Windows versions
  • Free to use


  • It does not give you access to iTunes.
  • Slow charging rate

What’s New?

  • Supports the most recent iPhone devices.
  • New features and a long list of improvements.
  • For safe surfing, a powerful graphical user interface with various IP addresses is provided.
  • There are no mistakes.
  • You may look for people’s names in the media.
  • File transmission speed is unrestricted.
  • Compatibility with all devices and virus prevention
  • The latest macOS Monterey is supported in this release.
  • All of Windows 11’s newest features work flawlessly with it.
    includes compatibility with the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • There have been some adjustments in this new version, but the complete list of modifications is not currently available.
  • The user interface has been updated somewhat for this release.
  • Errors and issues that plagued the prior version are not present here.
  • With this update, you can send files much more quickly than before.
  • There are also enhanced compatibility features.

How to Install?

  • To get started, get the iTools from our website.
  • Please try out this demo version by installing it on your computer.
  • Begin the software installation.
  • Go ahead and click the button below to get iTools Crack.
  • Simply double-click the crack file to launch it.
  • Await activation.
  • Benefit from iTool’s full functionality without spending a dime.


The data presented by iTools is comparable to that presented by iTunes but with the added benefit of being much easier to understand. If that weren’t enough, the app can be launched immediately without the need for any preparatory steps, meaning you can get to work immediately. Once linked, you can control all material, striking a balance between the richness of iTunes and the ease of Windows Explorer. You may use the lightweight program to transfer files, store data, change ringtones, and establish fake GPS locations.

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