MewnBase Full PC v0.34.1 Free Download

MewnBase Full PC – v0.34.1 Free Download is a game about wandering around the earth that is barren resources being choosing to survive. Scavenge around for what to keep you fed. Build up brand name modules that are new your base to replenish your suit power and air.

MewnBase Full PC v0.34.1 Free Download

MewnBase Full PC v0.34.1 Free Download

Because MewnBase is in active development, there are entirely insects, and features are subject to alter. Numerous components of the look I will be nevertheless taking care of determining once. You will have to upload brand builds which can be new days which are every

Screenshot :

MewnBase Full PC v0.34.1 Free Download

MewnBase Full PC v0.34.1 Free Download

What Is New!

Fixed workbench that is mode that is lacking is tutorial.


  • Climate. World now has “clear”, “Rain,” and “Sandstorm” weather effects. Sandstorms add dust to your panels that are solar basically making them dirty.
  • Rain can clean panels being dirty could be solar. Solar panel systems are less efficient during weather occasions. (are some bugs which are lingering their particle fx)
  • Your base that is starting and items are actually supplied you shall need certainly to find near your landing internet site for you personally via 2 supply crates.
  • Added “Engine” craftable component which can be useful for making cars, occurs in other modules later on.
  • New pavement base tile which can be made by smelting rock.
  • Added player status effects and UI for things like Starving, suffocating, treating, etc.
  • Medbay module place in the game.

Features so far

  • Walk around, explore earth that is arbitrarily produced.
  • Collect resources and carry them in your stock.
  • Craft items which are brand new.
  • Expand your base by building more habitat modules.
  • Manage your base’s power and air supply.
  • Planet day/night rounds.
  • Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian.

Changes repairs that are

  • Center posts” in designs of 4 habitat modules are eliminated, producing more flooring that’s available.
  • Jackhammer animation and noise impact aren’t used when you interact with a base module because of the jackhammer prepared.
  • Eliminated screen-resolution alternatives for now only because they were crashing the game that is several overall users.
  • Fixed a pressing problem where walking between chunks would make base power flicker.
  • Air Cleaner delivers oxygen at a somewhat quicker price.
  • Removed the ability for many base modules to move energy, water, oxygen, etc.
  • Normal” missions are 10-15 times rather than 6-8.
  • Performance tweaks.


MewnBase Full PC v0.34.1 Free Download is here:


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