Icecream Image Resizer v1.47 ALL VERSION

Icecream Image Resizer v1.47 Portable For Windows + MAC Free Download

Icecream Image Resizer v1.47 Portable Foe Windows + MAC Free DOwnload

Icecream Image Resizer

Icecream Image Resizer v1.47 Portable For¬†Windows + MAC FreeDownload an application designed to help you resize your images quickly and conveniently. Add files that are multiple even whole folders with photos and resize them in moments. Just select the destination folder and click the ” simplyResize” button! The tool supports all the main formats that are graphic as JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. It is possible also to set the desired width and height values either manually or to use presets while retaining the aspect that is original if desired.

Icecream Image Resizer is just a set that is free from for fast image resizing.The application supports resizing of pictures of such platforms as jpg, jpeg, png, BMP, Tiff.

Icecream Image Resizer v1.47 Portable For Windows + MAC Free DOwnload

Key Features Include:

  • Straight recognition system automatically applies image that is reverse for vertically oriented images which make resizing of both vertical and horizontal pictures possible together.
  • The application enables keeping the aspect that is original of pictures along with scaling them to fit the inserted sizes.
  • Preset Resolutions may also be helpful for those users who don’t know which image sizes they should choose.
    With Icecream Image Resizer you can work with a drag and fall function,
  • which allows you to add folders that are complete pictures, simply by dragging them into program’s window.

Icecream Image Resizer v1.47 Portable For Windows + MAC Free DOwnload

  • Drag-and-drop

Just drag and drop to include pictures for resizing. It saves you both right time and effort.

  • Presets

Select one of many sizes presets for big tasks: Facebook, e-mail, mobiles, and more.

  • Original Ratio

Resize pictures while retaining their aspect that is the original ratio.

VR System

  • Image Resizer automatically applies reversed size settings for vertical images.
  • Resize pictures in batch mode and choose the desired profile

IceCream Image Resizer is a software utility that enables you to easily resize your photos in bulk, to be able to conserve time and also make certain that the dimensions that are new similar for each one. You can manually select and include the desired images into the application, or you can load entire folders at the same time and let the utility automatically detect most of the files which can be compatible.

The supported formats include the most popular extensions you might be using, including JPG, PNG or TIFF. To resize a photo, you’ve got to find the desired resolution profile, or enter it manually into the areas which are available. These patterns include full-HD desktop resolutions, Facebook cover presets and dimensions being also iPhone-specific.

Keep the aspect that is original and automatically detect the image orientation

The aspect ratio accounts for how an image is proportioned, and it needs to be maintained at the same degree as the original photo to keep up with the quality that is same. IceCream Image Resizer enables you to keep an eye on the aspect ratio settings and modify the width automatically and height of this images to fit the foundation proportions.

Also, the application can detect whether a picture is a landscape or portrait oriented and it can immediately flip its dimensions to be able to preserve the aspect ratio and take care of the quality. The operation is done in the background, and it will perhaps not slow down the procedure that is actual.

In conclusion

Thanks to the easy-to-use and interface that is compact as well while the possibility to add and process images in batch mode, IceCream Image Resizer is a handy application to have around, particularly if you occur to handle plenty of images that require resizing.

Icecream Image Resizer v1.47 Portable For Windows + MAC Free Download is here:


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